Become a partner

Become a partner of the Century Archive - and distribute your own film/ image/ sound recordings here.

How does the participation work?

1. You contact us by email and show that you want to participate in the partner system.
In this case, we need the following data from you: surname, first name, date of birth, zip code,
city, street, mobile or landline telephone number, email address.
Please let us know in writing what you would like to market via the Century Archive
(e.g. pictures, films, music, etc.).

2. You must own all necessary rights and be able to prove this.
For this purpose, you will receive an appropriate form from the Century Archive.
(Example: license agreement or statutory declaration that you are the producer and sole rights
holder of the pictures, films or music pieces).

3. You will be assigned an own account. All your pictures, films and music pieces will be uploaded to your account number after they have been checked and accepted. You can check your sales of your items at any time.

4. You have to deliver all data in the required output formats.

5. After accepting your account application, you will receive a written message about the conditions model for selected partners of the Century Archive.

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