Purchase of credits  

1. The purchase of credits is voluntary.
In order to make a purchase, you do not need to purchase any credits.

Obtaining credits
To do this, simply enter the sum of the desired amount.
After receipt of payment, this value will be credited to your account
and shown visibly.
You can then use up the credit amount by purchasing products from the shop.


There are three discount categories.

from 100.- € purchased credits, you will get 10% discount on all selected items
from 250.- € purchased credits, you will get 15% discount on all selected items
from 1000.- € purchased credits, you will get 25% discount on all selected items


After the credits have been used up, the prices shown there apply again.
In the case, that your credit is not sufficient to purchase an item, you can
top up your credit account at any time beforehand. The discount can only be applied
to items fully paid by credits. Other allocations are not possible.
It thus is advisable to verify the credit account before purchasing goods and to
top it up before you wish to do so.

A credit cannot be paid out. A credit refund is expressly excluded.
Credit can only be used up by the account holder.
If a credit is not used for more than 5 years, the entitlement expires on the
first day after the 5-year period. (The calculation basis is the day at
which the credit was acquired).

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