Subscriptions only for commercial customers


With a voluntary participation in the subscription system, you can speed up and make the work process easier.
An account will be set up for your company. This account can give access to several employees to purchase content.
The account is billed monthly after you have received an invoice and the amounts are collected only by direct debit.
The minimum subscription period is 12 months.

A company subscribes to the Century Archive.
It enables several employees of his company to have access to the Century Archive. At the end of each month, all purchased items are fully billed from the account set up for the given month.

Project numbers from TV stations should be entered as keywords and be saved. If a project number is given, several purchases shall be possible then. In doing so, an employee is able to handle several projects in regard to the given numbers. 

Century Archive

Edited and Moving Pictures, Private Movies, Cities, People, Interviews, Wars, Contemporary Witnesses, Historical Events, People in Contemporary History

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