The historical film archive begins 1895 and has a great number of original films on a wide variety of subjects. First film recordings show the mounted US cavalry during their attacks on Mexican troops.
An extensive film inventory from the turn of the century and from the nineteenth and twentieth century show original recordings from many countries. In addition to European topics, it also includes early filming from Africa, the USA, the Orient and from the Middle East and Far East.
Another, large area is occupied by the time of the First World War: early film recordings from all countries involved in the war and all different defence branches show the GREAT WAR.

The period between the world wars 1918 - 1939 is particularly shown through valuable archive films and early private films. Recordings of all important high-ranking leaders from the worlds of politics and economics are available.
The time of the Third Reich is especially important for historically valuable film recordings. In addition to numerous archive films, there are also many private films from this period. They guarantee an interesting and genuine view of the period from 1933 to 1945.
Private films around SA and SS troops and the highest political prominence as well as many interviews with first-class, long-deceased personalities of the Third Reich represent an archival treasure of highest quality. This includes in particular personalities from the immediate vicinity of Adolf Hitler. All important, military personalities and combat actions of the Second World War are available in black-and-white and partly in colour.

The film archive also documents the period after World War II until the late 1980s. The huge inventory enables the creation of hundreds of new documentaries on the most varied and almost all relevant topics and the history of the past 120 years.

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